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Before the winter is the best time to perform annual maintenance on your Pitched or flat Roof.

Once the winter arrives, it may take long several months before the snow melts. Flat roofs can be repaired without issues in the cold but Pitched roofs can be challenging with all the snow and ice. Flat roof membrane can be repaired with open flame but standard shingles will not bond in fridged temperatures.

Once all the leaves are fallen, clean your gutters all around. Be sure to have downspouts extended away from foundation walls. Inspect roof shingles for cracks and popping nails. Check metal valleys for cuts. Check wall flashing for lifting. Check chimney cap for openings and caulk as required. As for the flat roofs, Check for blisters, check walls and flashings for gaps. Clean roof drain filter and keep roof free of leaves and debris.

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If your roof only leaks during winter months, I doubt anything wrong with it.

After a full inspection of the attic insulation, assessed significance of the intake Soffit as well as the exhaust roof ventilation, we have determined that roof shingles are in good working order.

Having heat loss due to poor Insulation dept in the attic in most cases why the roof seems to leak. Before spending thousands on a new roof, have a professional evaluation to identify permanent solutions.

Also having poor ventilation in the attic is another no brainer. Stop spending thousands and address the source of all the problems. Bandaid can only last for a short period of time.

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Residential Pitched roofs are always at risk of wind, rain and snow throughout the year. Experiencing all four seasons with extreme temperatures and weather, it does put your roof to a test.

Orleans is a fast growing region in the Ottawa Ontario Metropolitan. Residential sector has exploded over the past 20 years with volume builders slapping them together like cheeseburgers. Fast production does impact the quality in my personal opinion. Majority of the repairs are mainly on the 20 year range homes in the Orleans area.

Seeing blown off shingles to lose Siding and even Soffit and Fascia problems. Extreme winds including tornadoes are always a possibility in the region.

Inspect your home all around regularly to identify potential problems and let us know if you are in need of roof repairs, siding, soffit-fascia or other exterior problems.

Since the last wind storm i had customers complain about other roofing companies who wants to charge 250$ for sending a service truck to an address and to perform simple roof repairs at homeowners cost. So 250$ for the service call plus material and labor???

Would you agree to pay a roofing company 450$ to remove 3 taps and install 3 new taps of shingles to your roof? I don’t know if you are second generation rich person but paying 450$ for that is sounds like robbery to me. We offer free estimates all around town and when we do price out a job we asses the difficulty of it and amount of material is needed to complete it. I have done repairs for as low as 60$ if its only one or two taps and it’s easy to get to. Time to wake up people. Also many people are getting fooled with the cost of the roof repairs and actually making a claim to their insurance company. This is the type of trap some companies wants to get you in to. Always shop around and get up to 3 estimates for your roof repairs or roof replacements. Compare all the differences and make a decision from there.

Hiring an insured roofing contractor is every homeowners homework. Insurance saves you, your property and the contractor who is going to perform the work.

We offer pitched and flat roofing services for residential and commercial sectors. If you are located in the cities of Ottawa, Nepean, Barrhaven, Kanata, Stittsville, Orleans, Manotick and Greely Ontario we can provide you with a free written quote or an estimate at no cost to you.

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That is a question every home or business owner should ask themselves. Calculating the cost of the repairs and estimated replacement costs  should be compared before more roof repairs needed.

Once the roof is all dried up and has no strength to fight back against the mother nature is a good time to replace that old roof. Roof shingles need tlc and preventive roof maintenance to make it through the hot summers and harsh winter in Ottawa, Ontario. There are many factors are involved when it comes to performance of your roof. For example; ventilation, sufficient air flow, gutter maintenance, roof snow and ice removal and also underlayment. Not having proper ventilation can speed up the aging process for your roof shingles. As well as blocked soffit or no soffit.
Number one reason for ice damming is caused by poor or no ventilation in your attic. Also having all the gutter full of leaves and blocking the water flow. Eventually it freezes and starts up ice build up along the metal valleys.

Exterior caulking that is used on your roof can be good up to 5 to 10 years depending on the positioning of your house. South facing section of your roof will be damaged before any other side. Also roof leaks are common during thaw on the north facing section of the house. Hiring a insured roofing contractor to inspect your roof can may cost you hundred or two but water damage can and will cost you thousands of dollars.

To increase the performance of your roof, you should clean the gutter before and after the winter, have your roof inspected and caulked every 4 to 5 years, remove any major snow build up from your roof to eliminate structural damage, remove snow from north facing section of the house to eliminate water damage.

If you take your car to get the oil changed every 5000 kms you should take all the necessary steps to protect your roof also. After all you can not live in your car can you?

We offer residential and commercial roofing and roof repairs, siding repairs, foundation repairs and snow removal/plowing services in the cities of Ottawa, Nepean, Barrhaven, Kanata, Stittsville, Orleans, Manotick and Greely Ontario. We are fully insured for residential pitched roofs, commercial flat roofs and snow plowing. Request a free quote or an estimate by email or by phone and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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