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Before the winter is the best time to perform annual maintenance on your Pitched or flat Roof.

Once the winter arrives, it may take long several months before the snow melts. Flat roofs can be repaired without issues in the cold but Pitched roofs can be challenging with all the snow and ice. Flat roof membrane can be repaired with open flame but standard shingles will not bond in fridged temperatures.

Once all the leaves are fallen, clean your gutters all around. Be sure to have downspouts extended away from foundation walls. Inspect roof shingles for cracks and popping nails. Check metal valleys for cuts. Check wall flashing for lifting. Check chimney cap for openings and caulk as required. As for the flat roofs, Check for blisters, check walls and flashings for gaps. Clean roof drain filter and keep roof free of leaves and debris.

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If your roof only leaks during winter months, I doubt anything wrong with it.

After a full inspection of the attic insulation, assessed significance of the intake Soffit as well as the exhaust roof ventilation, we have determined that roof shingles are in good working order.

Having heat loss due to poor Insulation dept in the attic in most cases why the roof seems to leak. Before spending thousands on a new roof, have a professional evaluation to identify permanent solutions.

Also having poor ventilation in the attic is another no brainer. Stop spending thousands and address the source of all the problems. Bandaid can only last for a short period of time.

Flat roofs may or may not have ventilation. Commercial applications have no attic space and insulation is right under the roofing membrane. As long as 2.5 inch insulation with vapor barrier is valid, type of membrane can be modified Bitumen, epdm or tar/gravel. Residential flat roofs do have a small crawl space for the Insulation.

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Poor Workmanship

When fall and spring arrive with all the heavy rain mother nature brings, it is a mystery where the water got in to your attic. Always inspect your ceiling for obvious yellow stains. It normally takes time for it to get bigger and bigger. By the time it starts dripping from your ceiling, it already made its way through the plywood, insulation, vapor barrier and of course the drywall. Contact your local roofing contractor.

Roof Leak Due to Wind Damage

If it is an emergency you don’t have much time to shop around. Get it done as soon as possible before the damage gets worst. Black mold is dangerous and harmful to you and your loved ones. Babies are the first ones to get sick from it. Seniors are always next in line and of course anyone else that resides in that house, building.

Emergency Roof Tarping

Be aware of the problems it can cause in the future. Have your attic and walls inspected by a professional who has knowledge about mold and solutions to those problems. Depending on your house or building be sure to contact the right roofing company to perform the necessary repairs. Not every roofing company can repair a flat roof or pitched roof. If you require flat roof repair contact a roofing company that is specialized in flat roofs. If it’s a pitched roof, contact a pitched roofing specialist. Do not hire a handyman to perform the repairs. Be sure to ask for proof of insurance to protect yourself and to raise awareness for the contractor itself.

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Winter can be challenging for new homeowners. Noticing stains on the ceiling can be an uncertain situation for the most. Yellow stains on the ceiling can be caused by more than few reasons. Attic is not ventilated properly, not enough insulation or damaged roof. Ventilation issues can be due to not enough intake or not […]

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