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I have been using this product in the past 15+ years, and I do not remember going back to any of the repairs we have done. Does this mean the product is good or knowledge has a role in this ? After visually inspecting the crack on the foundation wall, we would spray water along […]

Foundation Crack Repair With Sika Epoxy Injection Kit

There are many factors to consider when evaluating possibilities to determine root cause of things. For starters, what is the difference in temperature inside your attic and outside? If the temperature is similar inside and outside, then we know that air circulation inside the attic is significant. Now we have to inspect the dept of […]

Brand New Roof and Ice Damming Still a Problem in Ottawa

The answer is, Yes. Poorly designed Eavestroughing systems can be the reason for the ice damming. Properly designed Eavestroughing will flow equal amounts of water from every corner of the house. Faster the water exists the roof, less ice there will be. Downspouts should be installed every 25 feet. Anything longer than 25 feet will […]

Does Eavestroughing Cause Ice Damming in Ottawa?

Siding is a key player in the construction industry. Variety of colors and styles makes it more challenging to repair sometimes. If the siding is being installed directly onto the OSB sheeting, it comes with a 100% chance of shifting and moving. Inch and 3/4 nails does move over time with changes in temperatures as […]

Vinyl Aluminum Metal Siding Installation and Repairs in Ottawa.